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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Ebola drug could be ready next year for human testing

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Ebola virus drug could be ready next year for human testing

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is scary because there are no medications to treat this fatal disease. However, the disease is very rare, there is no incentive for large pharmaceutical companies to develop a treatment.

Ebola virus drug could be ready next year for human testing

However, some small businesses, taking into account of government incentives, engage in the breach. The result: more than half a dozen ideas are actively looking for new drug for ebola.

And these are the days of great help for medication that can treat the virus. Thinking treatments for AIDS and hepatitis C.

Possible treatment for Ebola still many strategies. These include conventional drugs and vaccines, antibodies are suitably designed to not only prevent the spread of diseases in humans, but to be treated in the early stages of infection.

Every idea has shown some promise in animals. But still, nothing surpassed the basic test, so there is nothing ready to deal with in the current outbreak.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, hope the multi-faceted approach, but he said: "I think it's too early to make a prediction about what to do more or less promising."

One of the challenges is that there are several species and strains of the Ebola virus so different, so that it can not be a one size fits all solution.

But an experimental drug might fit the bill. Called BCX4430. Travis Warren at the Institute for Medical Research, U.S. Army Laboratory for Infectious Diseases in Frederick, Maryland, has worked in this antiviral drug.

It has very good against both Ebola and Marburg virus [closely related] when tested in mice. It also protects guinea pigs this virus and yellow fever.

Thus, the next series of tests was dissolved in a small number of monkeys that had been infected by Marburg virus.

It is noteworthy that this drug is developed by a small company called BioCryst Pharmaceuticals.

"Just do not make the cut in a large company," said Dr. William Sheridan, medical director of BioCryst, the pharmaceutical giant Amgen says has been working on.

Ebola, scary as it has only about 2,500 patients since it discovered in 1976, around 1,700 of them to kill. The market for a drug of this type is very low.

However, Sheridan says his company has good reason to pursue his desire to solve one of the biggest health problems.

"There is a market and the market is the U.S. government," he said.

The government is committed to a number of drugs that are effective against Ebola, if someone should try to buy them as a biological agent on the battlefield or an act of terrorism to use . Also help federal agencies to pay for the research, so that the company has been pushing as fast as you can.

"We are currently [Manufacturing] drug experiences and driving safety of the typical animals that you usually do before the drug in humans," says Sheridan. "And once it has been successfully completed, move to the middle of the next, we should have completed the first phase degrees on people."

Phase One tests tell whether the drug is relatively safe, but will not say whether it actually be an effective treatment. Assuming that the drug appears to be safe, it would be ready to be tested in a future outbreak of Ebola.

Of course, the most drug candidates fail to fulfill their original promise , and it is not guaranteed, either.

But Travis Warren army laboratory said that given all the advances in the development of drugs for the treatment of viruses, something will come of this extensive research for Ebola drug.

"I am absolutely certain that it will happen," says Warren. "It's just a matter of time."
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Saturday, 29 March 2014

TB infection transmitted from cats to human new case

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Tuberculosis infection spread from cats to humans

The Ministry of Health in the UK discovered the first case of transmission of TB infection from cats to humans. These are the first such case reported. Cat owners should be extremely careful.

The Ministry of Health in the UK discovered the first case of transmission of TB infection from cats to humans

UK Department of Health reported alarming news, they discovered two cases of TB transmission from cat to human. As they say, the TB bacteria was found in nine cats in the areas of Berkshire and Hampshire last year. Reportedly, 39 people have been in contact with animals. Those who have been in contact with animals, received a medical examination. 24 people responded to the offer and two of them were diagnosed with tuberculosis. They immediately began treatment. The infection has also been recognized with two other people, but the disease has not yet been developed, they say.

The analysis of the samples of tuberculosis in humans and infected cats were found to be no different. This shows that the disease actually transmitted from infected cats. As the British Ministry of Health reported that bacteria can be transferred to infect humans through inhalation of contaminated air or touching unprotected animals damaged skin areas.

Tuberculosis is a contagious lung disease that mainly affects the lungs and is often carried out in many chronic complications, which can also lead to death. TB germs can also affect other organs and organ systems. It is one of the three most deadly infectious diseases worldwide (AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria).

TB germs can also affect other organs and organ systems. It is one of the three most deadly infectious diseases worldwide

These are the first documented cases of TB transmission from cat to man and we believe that the probability of such an infection is very low, "said Dilys Morgan, one of the most important scientists of the British Institute of public health. "Tuberculosis is a serious disease, but also with the right treatment curable when treated with long-term use of antibiotics." Treatment takes between six months and one year. After a few weeks of treatment, the person is no longer contagious, but it is important continue to the recommended treatment.

TB is a curable disease, but is far from gone. Nine million people are diagnosed worldwide each year from TB, while three million people die. The difficulty of the fight against tuberculosis is primarily a type of drug-resistant tuberculosis has reported recently. Tuberculosis remains a major problem due to lack of medical care, poor living conditions and poverty in the world.

Risk factors that contribute to facilitate the transfer and susceptibility to TB infection are: Decreased ability of physical defense in general, or by the HIV infection, diabetes, and other serious treatment of lung diseases with certain medications. The ratio of the incidence of tuberculosis has declined over the decades, thanks to better living conditions and hygiene, vaccination against tuberculosis, blockbuster drugs, improved control of milk etc.

Disease prevention is possible with early diagnosis and immediate treatment. Clean and hygienic living environment, adequate nutrition, rest and consolidation of physical forms are the best ways to fight against the infection of tuberculosis TB.
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Friday, 28 March 2014

Healthy Heart: Heart diseases and mouth connection

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Diseases of the Heart Associations with mouth

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heart disease killed about 600,000 lives this year making it the number one American murderer. This year more than 920,000 Americans experience a heart attack, and nearly half of them come without any prior symptoms or warning signs.

What is the connection between heart disease and oral health? Heart disease and oral health are connected.

What is the connection between heart disease and oral health?

According to reports from oral bacteria Harvard Medical School health can damage the blood vessels and blood clots by toxins that are similar found in the arterial walls or the bloodstream proteins. The immune system in response to these toxins could harm vessel walls or make blood clots more easily. It is also possible that inflammation in the mouth accelerates inflammation throughout the body, including the arteries, which can lead to heart attack and stroke.

Oral health can warning sign for other diseases, such as heart disease:

Heart disease and oral health are connected. There are two different connections between heart disease and oral health :

  1. Studies have shown that people with the disease of moderate or advanced gum (periodontal disease) are likely to have heart disease than those with healthy gums.
  2. Oral Health contains information on the general health . Studies have shown that oral health can create warning signs of other diseases or conditions , including cardiac manifestations of systemic diseases disease.Oral potential indicators of a number of conditions .

Oral cavity is a mirror that reflects many of the inner secrets of the human body.

During my 30 years practicing dentistry, I developed the ability to understand and predict the health of a patient's teeth , usually when the person is in good general health. I have some of my patients , who had no idea of your overall medical health and in many cases

Gum disease can lead to heart disease, stroke and diabetes

Since the mouth is a way around the body, people with chronic gum disease have an increased risk for heart attack, according to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). Gum disease (gingivitis called in its infancy and periodontal disease in the later stages) caused by the buildup of plaque.

Signs of gum disease warning

Gum disease can progress painlessly, so few obvious signs. Signs may have gum disease, however include:

  • gums that bleed during and after brushing

  • Red, swollen gums or sensitive

  • persistent bad breath or bad taste in mouth

  • receding gums

  • formation of deep pockets between teeth and gums

  • Loose teeth or passage

  • Changes in the way teeth fit together , biting, or fit of partial dentures .

How is gum disease treated?

  • The dentist or the plaque and tartar above and below the gum line to remove . This process , called root planing and scaling , it is difficult for plaque adhering on the teeth .

  • Your dentist will prescribe antibiotics to kill the bacteria and stop the infection . They can be arranged directly on the gums , such as tablets or capsules, swallowed or inserted into the gingival pockets .

  • You will need surgery if these treatments do not control the infection or if you have severe damage to teeth or gums. Surgical treatment options may include:

  • Gingivectomy to get rid away and formed the patient's gums to loose pockets between teeth and gums where plaque accumulates .

  • A flap procedure that cleans the roots of bone repair and damage the teeth .

  • Extraction to remove loose or badly damaged teeth.

  • After surgery, you may need to take antibiotics or other medications to help healing and prevent infection .

After the treatment you need to keep your mouth by preventing plaque formation free of the disease. You must after all meals and snacks to carefully and thoroughly brush and floss every day. Your dentist will probably prescribe an antibacterial mouthwash.

Visit dentist regularly to clean and to ensure that the disease does not plan again

Risk factors for gum disease:

  • Smoking. Need another reason to quit smoking? Smoking is one of the most important factors. With the risk of developing gum disease In addition, smoking can reduce the chances of successful treatment.

  • Hormonal changes in girls / women. These changes make it more sensitive and easier to develop into gingivitis gums.

  • Diabetes. People with diabetes have a higher risk of developing infections, including gum disease.

  • Other illnesses. Diseases such as cancer or AIDS and their treatments can also negatively affect the health of gums.

  • Drugs. There are hundreds of prescription and OTC medications that can reduce the flow of saliva , which has a protective effect in the mouth. Without enough saliva , the mouth is vulnerable to infections such as gum disease. And certain medications can cause abnormal proliferation of gum tissue , which can make it difficult to clean teeth and gums.

  • Genetic susceptibility. Some people are more susceptible to severe disease than other gums.

During regular dental checkups to dental calculus and the first signs of gum disease are necessary to remove the oral health of teeth and gums begins at home. Here are some steps you can take to prevent gum disease and keep your teeth for life:

An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure:

  • Brush for two or three minutes at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. Be sure to brush along the gum-line .

  • Remove silk twice a day to the plaque from places your toothbrush can not reach . You do not like dental floss ? Try a wire support, which make it easier to insert the floss between the teeth.

  • Although It is not a substitute for brushing and flossing , mouthwash may reduce plaque by up to 20 percent.

  • Pay attention to a healthy diet. Starch and sugar increase the plate , and only a healthy diet provides the nutrients (vitamins A and C , in particular) to prevent gum disease.

Eat a healthy diet. To prevent dental health problems.

  • Avoid cigarette smoke and snuff , which can contribute to gum disease and oral cancer.

  • Note that some medications can also aggravate gum disease, including oral contraceptives , antidepressants and heart medications .

  • Exercise and prevention care hours regular checkups - The best way to detect early signs of periodontal disease .

  • Visit a dentist to correct problems such as defective fillings, crowded teeth or teeth grinding.
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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Home remedies to cure/treat common cold in winter

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The natural way: Home remedies to cure/treat common cold in winter

What can we do to cold if you get cold in winter and you can not go to Herbal storefor the possible treatment? Here are 3 different remedies of grandmother that you can do at home that are very valuable to treat cold in winter.

Common cold virus. The natural way: Home remedies to cure/treat common cold in winter.

First finely chop or food processing a broad and solid yellow onion in a small bowl or a cup of tea nearby. Sprinkle sugar on a regular basis, and press firmly. In a few hours press open ball on top of the mashed to get the juice from the mixture. Use it as a decongestant syrup for cough.  Some people add fresh garlic or fresh horseradish.

Secondly, honey, lemon and a shot of brandy or whiskey (just add ginger). This as a natural Nyquil (R). Note that this alcohol is a drug resources.

Third: Piping Hot Chicken Soup. Beyond the factor of love, really helps.

In the last winter storm, I asked what people line or favorite family resort and what do you work? The answers were very interesting, useful and fun.

Caliente aka Jewish penicillin was popular tube hens brought hunger in other foods. Two that I thought were particularly delicious homemade lentil soup with garlic and blackened chicken is mixed with lots of black pepper and cayenne pepper. We have hot people in Eureka , apparently.

Mentioned drinks warm and soothing to say first. The alcohol with free ginger tea was made with real ginger, lemon and honey from the region. It is very hot in taste. Several proposals are quality drinks like Mark Bourbon Maker with honey. One of the funniest comments is that if you were from cognac or whiskey does not change the Tequila ... eventually you will not care.

Added in the most sensual hot bath with Epsom Salt with a few drops of tea tree oil side looked very nice. Of course, you do not have to dive glycerine to the skin and your affection. I liked this idea, and I wonder if any withdrawals while hot bath would also be ... is not possible.

Finally, to improve breathing a little peppermint oil in each nostril (BAM) and heal Mother Vicks (R) filled with resources of the family. I love our family Eureka: What to distract for a way the winter alike.
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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Foods that prevent disease expert view for healthy life

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Eat nuts and Healthy Foods that prevent various disease

Foods that Prevent Disease. According to a study, published on 21 November in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) nuts are a powerful source of disease control and can help to fight deadly diseases. Those who eat nuts every day, tend to live longer in life.

Foods that prevent disease, Eat nuts and Healthy Foods to prevent certain chronic diseases

According to the study, the study of 76, 464 women in the study on the health of nurses and 42, 498 men from the Health Professionals Follow-up study found that regular consumption of nuts could increase their life because they remain protected against number of chronic diseases.

Consumption expanded nuts has been linked to a reduced risk of chronic infections to integrate the real-fatal cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

The report also showed that two studies over 30 years and the people who carried out come without a history of cancer, heart disease or stroke. In addition, cooperation between the nut use and mortality remains unclear.

The data of the study show that members who eat nuts more than seven times per week ate a maturity index 20 percent less than those who did not take advantage of the examined group of nuts to choose are almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts like healthy foods that prevent disease.
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Monday, 11 November 2013

Myasthenia gravis disease cause that weakens the muscles found

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Myasthenia gravis, Found new cause of the disease that weakens the muscles

Building Muscle Mass. An antibody against a protein essential to talk to the brain for the muscles is the cause of myasthenia gravis, researchers identified. The finding that an antibody LRP4, a cause that is affected the interaction of the most common brain muscle disorder helps to explain why up to 10 percent of patients have classic symptoms such as droopy eyelids and general weakness muscle, but the blood provides no idea of the cause, said Dr. Lin Mei, director of the Institute for Molecular Medicine and Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Georgia Regents.

what is myasthenia gravis. myasthenia gravis association and myasthenia gravis medications

" You end up with patients who have a real diagnosis," Mei said.

The result also shows that LRP4 is not only important for the formation of the neuromuscular junction- where the brain and muscular talk- but also the maintenance of this important sense, Mei, principal author of the article in The Journal of Clinical Investigation said.

First reported Mei and colleagues LRP4 antibodies in the blood of patients with myasthenia gravis in the Archives of Neurology in 2012. For the new study, they returned to the animals to determine whether the antibodies are harmless or actually causes the disease. When they showed LRP4 antibody healthy mice classic symptoms of the disease, coupled with clear evidence of the deterioration of the neuromuscular synapse.

Identified LRP4 antibodies are the third leading cause of autoimmune disease per 100,000 people, mostly women and men affects about 20 to 40 over 60 years, according to the National Institutes of Health and myasthenia America Foundation.

An antibody directed against the acetylcholine receptor is responsible for about 80 percent of patients, said Dr. Michael H. Rivner, MCG neurologist and director of the Laboratory of Electrodiagnostic Medicine, which is about 250 patients with myasthenia gravis. Acetylcholine is a chemical substance that is released by neurons that act on receptors on the muscle and muscle movement and thus Building Muscle Mass. More recently, it has been found that approximately 10 percent of patients have a musk antibody, an enzyme that promotes the combination of these receptors on the surface of the muscle cells.

"That leaves us with only 10 percent of patients who are double negative, which means that patients do not have antibodies against acetylcholine receptors and musk means," said Rivner A worrying scenario for physicians and patients. "It is very exciting to find LRP4 because it is a new form of the disease," said Rivner.

Currently, physicians Rivner patients. No evidence of antibodies appear clinically the disease say Identify specific causes enables a complete diagnosis of more patients in the short term and should lead to the development of more specific treatments with fewer side effects, Rivner said.

For more information about the function LRP4 antibodies Mei wants to know whether the characteristics of patients with the disease, as the serious illness or if it is more on age and gender in particular. He and Rivner have teamed up to develop a network of 17 centers, such as GR Medical Center, where patients are treated for these issues. Be on federal funding for studies that hope blood test, physical characteristics, treatment, and instead include more.

Regardless of the exact cause of the symptoms are very quick to respond to treatment, which usually involves the use of drugs that suppress the immune response, Rivner said. However, immunosuppressive drugs have significant risks, including infection and cancer, he said.

The removal of the thymus gland, a kind of classroom in which T cells to direct the immune response, learn early on what to attack and what to ignore, is another common treatment of myasthenia gravis. Then gland atrophy usually adults, myasthenia gravis patients tend to have lymph nodes. Rivner part of a study of the NIH is funded to determine whether the removal of the gland actually benefit patients. Other treatments include plasma exchange for patients with acute disease for Building Muscle Mass.
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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Heartburn during pregnancy, easy steps to prevent heartburn

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11 Easy steps to prevent heartburn

Heartburn During Pregnancy. Heartburn is uncomfortable burning sensation that radiates from the center of the chest, the most common gastrointestinal disease. Is the result of a condition known as gastroesophageal reflux disease ( GERD) , often called acid reflux, where the outbreak of gastric acid from the stomach into the esophagus.

how to prevent heartburn during pregnancy and reflux disease

While heartburn can not be ignored, there are many steps stomach- Painkillers can before they try to see a doctor . This can help to cool the symptoms and prevent more serious problems later.

First Eat smaller meals but more often. A full stomach puts pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter ( LES), a muscular valve that prevents acid from the stomach into the esophagus.

Two . Eating at a slow and relaxed. Devour their food fills the stomach faster, more pressure on the LES.

Three. Stay up after meals. Lying increases the pressure on the ERP, which is a risk that the reflux does.

Four. Avoid eating late at night. Food may aggravate a meal or snack within three hours before bedtime to avoid heartburn During Pregnancy, gastroesophageal reflux disease and heartburn symptoms. Allow enough time for the stomach to empty.

Five. Do not exercise right after meals. Give your time to empty the stomach, wait a few hours after eating before training.

Six. Rotating the body with a corner of the bed. Raise your upper body a little with a wedge- shaped cushion reduces pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter and can relieve nighttime heartburn. Spacers are from medical supply companies. Do not support the head and shoulders with pillows that can actually worsen reflux.

Seven. Stay away from soft drinks. Cause regurgitation, which promotes the reflux of stomach acid.

Eight. Find the foods that trigger your symptoms and prevent. Some foods and beverages increase acid secretion, delay gastric emptying or solve ERP-conditions that set the stage for heartburn. Common culprits are fatty foods, spicy foods, tomatoes , garlic, milk, coffee, tea, cola, and chocolate mint.

9th Chewing sugarless gum after meals. Chewing gum promotes saliva which neutralizes acid, soothes the esophagus and into the stomach acid washing. Avoid mint flavors which can cause heartburn.

10th Check your medications. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about medications that can cause such heartburn. Some drugs, for example , weakening of the lower esophageal sphincter, causing heartburn. Other medications can cause inflammation of the esophagus.

11th Losing weight if needed. Being overweight increases the pressure on the stomach ( and ERP).

If you fail to change your eating habits and other preventive measures to control heartburn, talk to your doctor. He or she can advise you on medication to try and recommend further follow-up if needed to avoid heartburn During Pregnancy.
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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Snoring singing cure is a snoring cure that works

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Prevent snoring at night with snoring cure exercises

Snoring+exercises to cure it, a snoring cure natural. Yes you read right now you can cure snoring problems fast with nothing but by singing.

Snoring singing cure is a snoring cure that works

A study by the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital showed that snoring can be reduced simply by singing and this treatment is called as snoring singing cure.

For three months, the patients were in clinical studies to improve muscle tone in the throat vocalizations and the researchers found a great imporvement in the snoring of the people with snoring singing cure.

Choir director Alise Ojay is the inventor of singing exercises for snorers.

The presenter Evan Davis said today he had found that patients who sing on "ung" and "gar" reduces or stops snoring found in those patients. He is confident that this snoring singing cure can prove best cure your snoring.
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Monday, 3 June 2013

Allergies diseases and natural medicines for allergies treatment

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Allergies- Allergies diseases and natural medicines for allergies treatment

Allergies afflict millions of people, and many of them do not get marginal relief from drugs, side effects may also frustrating. Natural remedies, but often have fewer side effects and may be allergic to plants such as ragweed pollen and infamous fight.

Some minor lifestyle changes life can go a long way toward keeping symptoms under control:

Aallergy, symptoms of allergies. Allergies diseases and natural medicines for allergies treatment

Avoid using window fans cool rooms, because they can take pollen.

Keep windows closed while driving use of air conditioning, if necessary, to avoid allergens.

Limit your time outdoors when ragweed pollen are highest - from mid-August until the first frost
Use the following elements:

Gland Rejuvenator - helps regulate the lymphatic system, stimulates and strengthens the spleen and pancreas. It stimulates the thyroid gland, balance the endocrine system and helps maintain proper heart function. It also helps to eliminate toxins.

Acidophilus - L -contains the normal, healthy intestinal bacteria Lactobacillus (85% and 15% coliform bacteria). Children of bacterial flora found in yogurt and is essential for digestion. When these bacteria are not in balance, then the person may experience bloating, flatulence, constipation, and malabsorption of nutrients, all of which lead to candida. Acidophilus taken as a dietary supplement may help to detoxify and build a balanced intestinal flora. It is used to defend against Candida. Acidophilus aids digestion and helps to restore the intestinal flora.

Allergy Relief - a combination of herbs to help combat allergies. Includes: Bayberry, Echinacea, birch bark, yarrow, goldenseal root, cayenne.

Hay Fever - A combination of herbs that help relieve hay fever.

Cal-Mag - (nice bone) significant bone building nutrients calcium, magnesium and vitamin D.
MSM - (powder) helps rejuvenate joints and all body cells, reduces pain and stiffness of arthritis and increases the energy level.

The Bee Pollen - Bees collect pollen, only the highest percentage of protein and other nutrients. You mix them with nectar and some secretion of the bees themselves, and take them to their hives. The bee pollen contains much protein per ounce than any other natural food is the only food that contains 22 amino acids the human body. Bee pollen is considered by some the most perfect food on earth in relation to the full range of nutrients. It is used to develop strength and endurance, and help with any weight loss program. Regarded as a switch of the allergy. Start by taking small doses and gradually increasing until the allergies are broken. Other possible uses: fatigue, hay fever, high blood pressure, nervous and endocrine system imbalances. The bee pollen is rich in aspartic acid and 35% protein. It is best to take bee pollen in the morning and / or evening on the body active throughout the day and is able to rest in the vicinity and in the night. When used in conjunction with a weight loss program, take before meals. If it is used to build stamina and endurance, taken before and during the events. Start with one drop in a glass of water for sensitive skin and increase to as much as 1-2 tablespoons per day, if necessary, to suppress the appetite and add strength.

Grape Seed Extract - Grapefruit seed, citrus paradise cause is effective against viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi, parasites, e-coli, streptococcus, staphylococcus, salmonella and other germs that cause diseases. Internally, the concentrate is useful for a variety of diseases, including Candida infections, sore throats, intestinal disorders, etc. can also be used to purify drinking water in the camping or traveling abroad. It can be used as surface disinfectants commonly used products than products instead bleach or ammonia purification.

L-cysteine ​​- Terms of illness, immunity, cell growth in the airways. This amino acid is essential for the formation of the skin and hair. Promotes healing of burns and surgery, which stimulates for respiratory diseases such as chronic bronchitis and the activity of the leukocytes of the immune system.

Intramax - Intramax ® is a dietary supplement, all-in-one liquid that contains more than 415 components. With only one ounce per day, Intramax offers more than 80 sources of vitamins, 33 Super Green, 154 antioxidants, 62 fruits and vegetables, and much more. These essential ingredients to create the perfect mix to build and maintain overall health. Intramax is the best option for patients who want to achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

Vitamin C - 2000-3000 mg per day for adults, taken in divided doses throughout the day. Vitamin C is accommodated a support for the adrenal gland.

Quercetin - This vitamin has a strong safety record and can be very helpful with the symptoms. However, it will take 7-14 days to reach full effect.

Nettles - Nettles effect known and studied for problems with sinus inflammation. Its safety record is good, and mix well with Quercetin nettles.

Turmeric - This herbal supplement was added to curries, weight gain as a powerful inflammation fighters. Chronic inflammation of the sinuses has its share of funds, such as turmeric to relieve congestion.

Xylitol - a nasal spray. 1-2 sprays in each nostril 2 to 3 times per day. Xylitol is a natural sweetener found in certain fruits and birch trees on the river. It has been shown that the inhospitable environment for insects that can cause sinus infections. It is easy to use at the first sign of an infection of the sinuses or to prevent infection when aggravated inflammation of the sinuses.

B Complex - These vitamins support the adrenal glands and helps to keep it fed. B complex may worsen with plenty of time to avoid the sinuses more than 1-2 capsules per day.
Panax Ginseng - (standardized extract 200 mg per day) and licorice. These herbs are supportive of the adrenal gland and therefore a significant benefit to the fatigue that can come in progress with sinus problems. Most patients find that these herbs not only help the breasts, but back in their resistance and reduces the symptoms of brain fog. People with a history of high blood pressure should discuss the use of these herbs with a doctor.
Sinusitis and lung congestion - helps clear the lungs and sinuses congested matter. Use for allergies, bronchitis, congestion, pulmonary problems, pleurisy, pneumonia, tonsillitis, respiratory diseases, sinusitis, and hoarseness.

From Barlean Omega Swirl Fish Oil - looks and tastes like a fruit smoothie Omega swirl and provides optimal levels of vital and essential Omega-3 EPA / DHA to produce the health and energy.

Antiseptic Sinus Wash - Use 6 drops of tincture diluted and cooked in 1/4 cup water. Let stand until warm. Then use a neti pot to your sinuses, tended to rinse his head back and to the side. You can also use a pipette. You can also 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt in hot water this mixture is added to a second color.
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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

What is asthma causes and best treatment of asthma

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Breathless: Although asthma can not be cured, But it can not influence your life with the appropriate treatment everyday

As a victim of allergies and asthma, and the mother of two girls who suffer from asthma, Karrie Gallo never leave the house without an inhaler because of allergy asthma.

"It is as if the stop with babies," Gallo, a nurse from Harrisburg said two allergies son of the battle. "People bring a packed lunch. I bring lunchboxes full of drugs."
Asthma is a chronic lung disease that makes breathing difficult. The airways of asthmatics are often swollen, inflamed and very sensitive to triggers that can trigger an asthma attack, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Pull respiratory infections, allergies and smoke for exercise and cold air, said Dr. Robert Zuckerman, allergy and asthma specialist Harrisburg region.

asthma inhaler inhalers for asthma, asthma inhaler brands

In an asthma attack, the airways become inflamed and clogged with mucus and the surrounding muscles tighten. The AAFA website describes as "trying to breathe through a straw wadding."
Gallo has developed seasonal allergies after moving to New York Central Pennsylvania two decades ago and eventually started allergy shots. Breathing problems soon followed and breath tests revealed the active asthma.

"My young nephew had asthma and I thought," that as what he saw as "looks" he recalls of his first attack. "I wish I had an asthma attack, and panic, as as you can not breathe."

The diagnosis of asthma can be difficult. "Bronchitis, pneumonia, and [COPD] COPD are" masks "of asthma," Zuckerman said.
Besides family and symptoms "Objective measures are very important," he added.

"The golden rule is a test of lung function," a simple breathing test that measures the amount of air a person can expel from the lungs and quickly. Could help the amount of airway obstruction.

In children, asthma usually appears as coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath, said Dr. Tracy B. Fausnight, associate professor of pediatrics and medicine at the Department of Allergology and Clinical Immunology, Penn State Hershey Medical Center.

"In the beginning it can be difficult to tell if it is the result of disease, or is it asthma," he said, though with asthma tend to have repeated episodes of symptoms and as adults it follow heavy exercise or activity as a tantrum. Reports on the circumstances, the symptoms can help parents to confirm the diagnosis, Fausnight said.

Be careful when exercising

Homovich asthma during exercise caused Katrina, 15, of Camp Hill, a hockey goalie for the Lady Devils York. Two years ago Homovich breathing after running a mile to school.

After the doctor for a heart problem, Katrina Family "was much happier that asthma know," his mother, Debbie Homovich said, adding that her daughter does not have a relief inhaler.

"She never had a problem in the ice. Worse outside," said Debbie Homovich. But when I play hockey throughout the year started, discovered the summer heat on the track was wet. "Right now, she has problems with moisture., It is better in the cold air in the ice."

Katrina uses an inhaler for half an hour before exercise, and rarely needed for a game.

"She plays hockey, no matter what," said Homovich. "But she did not hesitate sometimes to do other things, depending on the weather."

The exercise was also to blame for girls Gallo.

Old daughter, Anna, now a graduate student has a high cross-country meet in class 10 and completed directly on the ground with breathing problems, Gallo said.

"My instinct was a nurse, I have to clean the lungs," he said. "I grabbed my inhaler and ... to tell [him]."

Sister Jackie, 17, of Susquehanna Township, had the same symptoms during the football games.

"I felt like I could not breathe, like my chest was closed," said Jackie, the first two cases. "I just had to take a break, but I'm not going."

Jackie holds an inhaler handy and learned that they must take a break.

"Sometimes in football, I have to stop running, and I'm afraid that maybe I'm not the expectations of my teammates," he said. "But it's not much of a problem."

The causes of asthma

Genetics and environment play a role in the development of asthma.

"You can not change your genetic code," Zuckerman said. "Whether you need treatment or not, or if you have symptoms depends on the load."

Asthma and allergies often face particularly if not treated, can progress to shortness of breath and breathing problems breathing, then maybe asthma and eczema, Zuckerman said.

Dr. Efren Rael, an allergy specialist at Penn State Hershey Medical Center, said that researchers continue to explore different theories about the causes and possible treatments, even when the environment is too bright or too dirty, the effect of the changes is time and a link to obesity.

Penn State Hershey has long been a focal point of the multicenter clinical trial data on the treatment of asthma and recently won a 53.9 million grant to support the seven key data points AsthmaNet a national network of clinical research training.

"Genes do not change often, but the environment can change quickly," Rael said. "There are many elements of the environment that need more information for the study."

For example, people long since a protein that can respond to worm infections have developed, but with a standard of living of today's advanced, the immune system has something to defend them, Rael said.

"Well, the immune system, things that look like worms attacking, but they are not - such as dust mites and fungi, which are similar to the model worm," he said, "Some of the answers may be the answer asthma immune system to dust mites.."

In fact, "old friends" hypothesis suggests that lose contact with microbes immune system gradually evolved over the centuries did not fix it properly, according to a report last year by the International Scientific Forum on domestic hygiene.

On the other hand, the indoor and outdoor air is far from healthy.

Like houses built and furnished promotes mite major allergen causing asthma, Zuckerman said. Can trigger beyond Rael said diesel exhaust combined with ragweed asthma symptoms.

An Australian study found even asthma has increased during lightning or thunderstorms.

Studies have also shown a link between asthma and obesity, both increases over the past decades, Rael said. But the exact reason that can be obtained is not yet clear.

AsthmaTreatments, treatment of asthma attack

Asthma can not be cured but can be controlled.

"Some asthma in children can stop them," said Fausnight. "I told them if it was not not done a good job for asthma'm to say. Children must be Olympians and feel of physical education for asthma."

Most treatment plans are drugs in the short and long term to manage symptoms and help during an attack, Zuckerman said. Treatment for adults and children are similar, but specific products, doses and delivery methods vary, Fausnight said.

Short-acting drugs such as albuterol relaxes the muscles around the airways to help you breathe, Fausnight said. Normally rescue inhalers for patients during an attack.

Low-dose inhaled corticosteroids, which reduce inflammation in the airways and curing the most effective anti-inflammatory drugs commonly used to treat asthma control in the long term. Israel should be taken regularly, even in the absence of symptoms.

Other long-term control drugs include beta-antagonist action in combination with inhaled corticosteroids for asthma control and leukotriene improve that blocks chemicals cause asthma symptoms.

Patients with asthma should have an asthma action plan developed with their doctors, have essentially "a recipe on how to extend the therapy if you do not do well," Rael said.

Some new treatments are very expensive and not very widespread. An injectable drug Xolair omalizumab or a brand is, moderate-to-severe allergic asthma uncontrolled by other drugs, but it costs more than $ 1,000 per month, Rael said. Zuckerman said bronchial thermoplasty to burn a method and to reduce airway walls so that they can not constrict as much during an asthma attack, it was not enforced wide.

"Often the best treatment of the allergic reaction., Which links the immune system," says Rael. "It is very effective in reducing necessary ... medicine and improve the quality of life."

The two most important tips Zuckerman: taking medication for the treatment of asthma, even in the absence of symptoms and do not smoke.

"You must adhere to and understand that they in medicine all the time," Zuckerman said. "Few people know and many acute exacerbations by a lack of respect."

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Saturday, 11 May 2013

What is antiretroviral treatment- How to cure HIV

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Antiretroviral treatment, prevention of HIV

Antiretroviral therapy is the main type of HIV treatment or AIDS. It is not a panacea, but access to treatment can cure for hiv patients ill for many years, and may even help you live a "nearly normal."

What is antiretroviral treatment, actually it keeps the amount of HIV in the body at a low level. This avoids any weakening of the immune system and allows you to recover any damage already caused by the HIV.

Antiretroviral treatment, prevention of HIV

The HIV treatments consists of drugs that they must take every day for the rest of a person's life. In addition, the drugs at the same time (s) need to be taken every day. Some people may experience severe side effects such as nausea, vomiting, skin rash and diarrhea, may or may not respond to certain medications.

Currently there are more than 20 approved antiretroviral.

First and second-line treatment

The initiation of treatment is administered, the combination of drugs to a patient named first-line therapy. However, if the virus develops resistance to this combination in time, or if the side effects are particularly bad, then it is usually necessary to change the second line therapy.

The second-line treatment generally comprises at least three new drug with at least one of a new class in order to increase the likelihood of successful treatment.

In Malaysia, the first-line antiretroviral treatment is fully funded, while the second-line antiretroviral treatment is partially subsidized. Antiretroviral therapy is also in prison.

Combination therapy

Simultaneously take two or more antiretroviral drugs is called combination therapy. Under the combination of three or more anti-HIV drugs called highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) often.

When a drug is administered, the virus resistant to the drugs work quickly and quit. Take two or more antiretroviral drugs together can significantly reduce the rate at which it would develop resistance, so that the treatment is effective in the long term.

Some antiretroviral drugs in a single pill, which is known as risen "fixed-dose combination." This reduces the number of pills a patient needs to take each day.

The choice of drugs to be administered depends on a number of factors, including the price and availability of drugs, the number of pills and the side effects of medications.

In developing countries, most people with HIV have very limited access to antiretroviral treatment and have only received the treatment of diseases that occur as a result of a weakened immune system.

This HIV treatments has only short-term benefits, because they are not the underlying immunodeficiency.

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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sun burn: how to care skin in summer skin care routine

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Get beautiful healthy Skin with simple care tips for summer skin

The sun and the fresh air makes us fall in love in the summer months each year. It is a time to explore the outdoors and enjoy the fashion tank tops, sandals and robes. How can you be ready for a beauty skin in summer, while away from hot sun? Read these simple tips for summer skin care.

Get a healthy and glowing skin that you will be proud, will show these skin care tips and tricks for the warmer months:

How to care skin in summer skin care routine

Time to quit your old sunscreen

Play long days in the sun are part of what makes it so special was a season. Be sure to protect your skin. Sunscreen loses its effectiveness over time, so it is best to remove the remains of last year and fresh bottles. Look for opportunities, water-resistant, broad spectrum and SPF 30 or higher. Contact can be properly absorbed 30 minutes before departure for sunscreens and again regularly to ensure permanent protection.

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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

ZQuiet snoring treatment is now available worldwide

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ZQuiet snoring treatment is now available worldwide

Snoring treatment success ZQuiet available outside the United States. The unique design, approved by the FDA, can ZQuiet Stop Snoring Mouthpiece now be purchased and to international countries.

ZQuiet ™ is a known device to treat snoring as a nozzle. The ZQuiet ™ device has been tested and proven to get you to stop snoring. This device has a sleek design and excellent offers a flexible joint smooth that preserves the bones of the jaw forward at night during sleep to keep the airway open. The funds, which usually hinge opening and closing the mouth area can during sleep.
ZQuiet ™ is a known device to treat snoring as a nozzle. The ZQuiet ™ device has been tested and proven to get you to stop snoring.

Mouth produced only devices such as mandibular advancement splints, which called the lower jaw slightly forward and pull the tongue forward, are a popular type of snoring treatment. These types of devices for snoring treatment proven to be effective in reducing snoring and sleep apnea in situations where the mild to moderate sleep apnea.
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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Best tips to get younger skin healthy beautiful Skin

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Lifestyle, play a role in the improvement of skin health

The secret to maintaining our youthful appearance is not so mysterious after all. Options relevant lifestyle products and skin care can make the difference.

"The most important reason of skin ages prematurely is Sunlight" said Dr. Sharon Bergquist, Emory School of Medicine.

The use of a sunscreen is important. More tips healthy for good skin lifestyle include:
Basic Tips To Get Younger Skin Healthy Beautiful Skin

The use of an antioxidant such as vitamin E;

Wash your face and apply a moisturizer morning and evening;

Drink plenty of water;

And eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins E and A.

"Well, our skin naturally antioxidants. Perhaps exhausted from all the pollutants and sunlight and tobacco smoke," said Dr. Bregquist.

Dr. Bregquist also recommend exfoliating twice a week with the hydroxy and glycolic acid.

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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Diabetes diagnostic tests is much easier now

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Diabetes diagnostic tests is much easier now

Canadian physicians have a choice when screening people for diabetes type-2.

On Monday, the Canadian Diabetes Association 2013 clinical practice has its published guidelines for the prevention and control of diabetes. It is estimated that a third of Canadians have diabetes or prediabetes by 2020.
The group hopes a new standard blood test called HbA1c, all encourage people over 50 to be tested every three years to get. The only measure that takes into account the blood sugar levels for about three months.

The A1C does not require that people eat for 12 hours before the test than was previously the case to stop. The test can also diagnose prediabetes before it occurs blown diabetes.
Diabetes diagnostic tests is much easier now

"Pre-diabetes I like to think that the waiting room of diabetes," said Toronto manager manual and endocrinologist Dr. Alice Chen. "We want to be able to determine who sit in this waiting room, and from there, we can."

Through lifestyle interventions, such as changes in diet, exercise, weight loss, smoking cessation and self-glucose levels in the blood, the group of people wants to prevent worse with pre-diabetes. In some cases, also requires blood sugar and cholesterol-lowering drugs.
Overall, the group was the message from health professionals and carefully filtered to accurately diagnose as doctors can not treat what they do not know.

However, the British epidemiologists have questioned whether more people screening saves more lives.

When Dr. Simon Griffin Hospital in Cambridge, Addenbrooke mortality over 10 years in the UK was compared with the detection of type 2 was a reduction in deaths from all causes, cardiovascular disease or diabetes found associated.

"The benefits of screening may be lower than expected and is limited to those with detectable disease," Griffin came in the October issue of the medical journal The Lancet.

Screening people with risk factors is logical, and all people try more than 40 years, said in an interview, adding that since the tests have little risk of diabetes there is little damage questions about making better use of public health expenditure.

"The problem is, of course, with this label Label prediabetes is really human and have to live with the constant care of your diabetes when in fact it is perfectly normal to have blood sugar levels, perhaps people who are otherwise perfectly healthy," drug policy approved research Alan Cassels, the University of Victoria.

The ultimate goal of these guidelines is to avoid the serious complications of diabetes, such as kidney disease, heart attacks and strokes.

The guidelines were published Diabetes Association, tools and interactive resources for health care providers and people with diabetes in the Canadian Journal of Diabetes and the website of the Canadian.

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Monday, 8 April 2013

Weight loss medication can improve symptom of autism

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Weight loss medication can improve symptom of autism type

Low doses of a drug for weight loss can reverse many symptom of autism like a condition called fragile X syndrome, a new study in mice suggests.

The drug, called rimonabant blocks the receptors that are activated by marijuana in the brain. Mice that were treated with the study medication, were compared improved memory management and seizure reduction and more normal pain sensitivity to non-drug-treated mice.

It is not know if the same improvements that occur in people who might known. Rimonabant, orlistat which basically works by an opposite effect of the "munchies" (or increase in appetite experienced by some users of marijuana) was withdrawn in 2009 because it caused depression and suicidal thoughts in some patients.
Weight loss medication can improve symptom of autism type

But the drug to improve symptoms autismlike much lower than is typically used for removing cans, Co Arnau Busquets said Garcia, a neuroscientist at the University Pompeu Fabra in Spain.

"This could be an interesting therapeutic approach in humans, but I think there is a lot of work to do to confirm," Garcia said Busquets.

Overactive brain cells

People with fragile X syndrome have a single change in a gene called FMR1, which prevents them enough of a key chemical in the brain that manages the communication between brain cells. As a result, brain cells tend to take a lot of what seizures, mental retardation, impaired memory and insensitivity to pain.

The research team found that CB1 receptors activated by marijuana called, also played a role in the activation of brain cells. Because brain cells break into the fragile X syndrome, we wondered whether these receptors could also be the symptoms of the disease.

To find out, rimonabant gave mice with a genetic modification similar to Fragile X, and measured the effects.

Receptor blockade with rimonabant marijuana improves the performance of the mice eliminated in a maze of memory and cognitive deficits. Mice that rimonabant or orlistat had fewer seizures and normal reactions to pain.

When examined under the microscope, have the cells of the brain, have more healthy brain cells as typical of fragile X syndrome.

Symptom of Autism

This new approach could, in theory, are promising for other forms of autism.

"In many of these deficits autism, there are imbalances between excitatory and inhibitory signals in the brain," Garcia said Busquets.

However, researchers need to show that rimonabant is safe and effective at lower doses in people with fragile X syndrome, he said.

The results were published 31 March in the journal Nature Medicine.

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