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Saturday, 17 August 2013

6 surprises from health insurance reform health insurance

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6 surprises from health Insurance Reform

6 surprises of health reform

Health insurance companies and 6 surprises from health Insurance Reform

A few months before the most important elements of the historic Affordable Care Act effective Polls show that many Americans still do not understand the basics of health insurance reform and the impact will have on their lives.

Plans for the opening up of public health insurance exchanges will be established in October for the first time, the image will gradually clear ambitious health reform layers intimately affect President Barack Obama's nation. Seemed to have some of these effects a little strange, but unhappy.

"No law can solve all problems," says Linda Blumberg, a health economist and senior fellow at the Urban Institute, a think tank in Washington, DC. "We have to take things one step at a time and I know that this is an ongoing process of trying to reform a system that has the error, with markets, and have not ever compete and grow to (a) more efficient high quality service. "

Come with the full impact of health care reform in a few months, here are six episodes that Obamacare come to light - some unexpected, others seem to like that.

This can otherwise be current health plan

In 2009, Obama assured Americans: "If you like your health plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan, period Nobody is going to take, no matter what happens.".

So why do some insurance companies inform their health plan abandoned?

The short answer: The insurers are the elimination of certain plans and replace them with other developed to meet the new federal standards for minimum accessibility plans for individual and small businesses with health insurance reform.

Technically, you can always depends on their policy with the language in the legislation, the existing health plans are "grandfathered" free new requirements allow. But experts say that once it has better coverage for less money, why not make a move?

"You can keep the policy, but can not very well," says Blumberg. "Many people will take a firm decision to leave, it becomes very clear decrease with time."

Large employers may offer a short report

Large companies with many low-income countries that are not insured at the moment, such as chain restaurants and stores workers flirt with the offer of a version hardly qualify health insurance to escape "mini-med" Obamacare $ 2000 - $ 3,000 per employee penalty for not covering letter.

That the "employer mandate" with effect from 1 Take place in January, but was delayed until 2015.

Integrate so-called thin blanket can not take care x-rays, surgery or maternity is just one of many ways to cut costs that large companies explore compensating for the extra costs of health care reform.

Tracy Watts, a national leader in health care reform Mercer A global research and consulting firm says, the goal of this company is to design a simple plan that costs extends less than the penalty for not providing coverage and not too attractive to those currently opt out of coverage or offer through your spouse.

"The question is, would know how many people may have to register before you so much as you would in a $ 2,000 fine, spend, and you think a lot of people sign up?" She says.

Mergers thwart hospitals, the objectives of the reform

The recent trend towards consolidation in the hospital seems against the tide with the central task of reforming the health insurance market crash of private health insurance with incentives that work to thrive better care at lower cost. After all, studies have shown that when hospitals are connected, the opposite happens: Rising prices and quality can fail.

According to the American Hospital Association, more than 550 hospitals have been acquired since 2007. A similar increase in mergers and acquisitions followed the development of health care organizations or HMOs, in the mid-1990s.

"If you make more consolidation providers (hospitals) that are difficult for the insurer tough price negotiators," Blumberg said.

"Even if an insurer has 80% of the market, regardless of whether they are dealing with a large provider system in a given area, the provider might say:" You can say what you pay for everything I want but that is I accept. "

In the absence of price regulation, which is now impossible policy, Blumberg said consolidation of the hospital "is a question that we will continue to fight."

Young people can benefit more from Obamacare

Despite predictions of "rate shock" of the new millennium, most of today's young adults are better positioned to benefit from the reform of health care thanks to federal subsidies, health insurance would be paid, the health care system high quality for this unique population less profit from , 2014.

Jen Mishory, deputy director of the Young Invincibles, an advocacy group of young adults in Washington, DC, said there are about 21 million young Americans who are uninsured, and the vast majority of them returned low to moderate range. Most have the right to affordable coverage federally funded in the new state exchanges to buy application to early October.

Many millennium have no health insurance through a parent's plan is set up to the age of 26 years available - another advantage of the health care reform.

"Young people to be disproportionately larger beneficiaries of the Act affordable health care," said Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA Consumer Health.

Tax Plan "Cadillac" hits the middle class

Millions of Americans are expected health insurance for the first time with the new public exchange, penalties for not having insurance "individual mandate" in the health reform, which comes into force in January avoid purchase. At the same time, to avoid even some employers reducing their group health plans to 40% excise tax on high-cost plans "Cadillac", or not effective until 2018.

Tax strike individual plans that cost more than $ 10,200 and family coverage costs more than $ 27.500 per year. A tank in Washington, DC, to think, the Economic Policy Institute, criticized the tax as "not very successful" as it is likely to impact many innocent workers with common health plans that happen to cost a lot due to the size of the company, workplace and other factors.

The Institute for the Control provides a powerful incentive for the employer to a less expensive and less generous coverage moves move more costs to workers.

Watts says that "one-third" of companies make adjustments to your plans "Cadillac" of the trench, with most platforms to "consumer-driven" in which employees receive a fixed amount and may move for better health in the form shop.

Obamacare could be good for business

"Employment barriers" describes the economic strength, keeps the employee with a workplace for health insurance.

The Affordable Care Act can "work release." A new study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Urban Institute and the Center for the reforms of the health insurance of the Georgetown University believes that health insurance reform is likely that 1.5 million Americans on their entrepreneurial dreams.

"In the vast majority of states in this period, the insurance market in a very dysfunctional group for many people," says Blumberg, lead author of the study "What the Affordable Care Act does -. Affordable by creating a stable market and appropriate non-group - many people came out to make different kinds of decisions today they work can do. "

Mishory says it is good news for young people.

"The young people change jobs while they are trying to pursue a career that does not have to worry about health insurance is huge build," she said. "They will be able to carve out a career that works for them and a positive economic impact."
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